STUART | If you watch the latest Team Fit quarantine workout on the St. Joseph School Facebook page, you will see high energy, enthusiasm and family teamwork packed into a 30-minute video. 

On screen is Shaun Lawless and his daughter, Kira, a fourth grader at St. Joseph Catholic School in Stuart. “We’ve got to get Caroline some sleep tonight because she has an interview with the newspaper regarding these workouts, so word is getting out,” joked Shaun of his wife’s interview with the Florida Catholic. Off camera, Caroline and her son, Declan, a second grader at the school, both laughed. 

This banter and joy are characteristic of the Lawless family, who own the Stuart-based fitness training studio, Team Fit. Like many with school aged children, the Lawless family have come up with creative ways to engage and entertain their children during the COVID-19 pandemic. Including her children in the workouts has become a source of stability during quarantine.

“Because there is so much uncertainty right now, we wanted to create a routine for our kids. These family workouts bring us together for some constructive fun, plus we can share it with others in hopes that it will provide the same for them,” Caroline said. 

The family has made a quarantine workout video Monday through Friday since the end of March. Stacy McNerney, principal of St. Joseph School, posts them on the school’s Facebook page regularly as a way to include the school community in these easy-to-follow workouts. 

“The workouts are geared towards a variety of ability levels so that everyone can do them easily at home. They’re also kid-friendly so that the whole family can do them together,” Caroline said. “I involve the kids in filming the videos with me so that they can have some responsibility, too. It’s great to see them encourage viewers while doing the workouts. Kira is always positive and supportive during the workouts.”

Caroline, who struggles with health issues herself, values staying active as regularly as possible. “There are days where it’s a challenge to get up and workout, but I modify the exercises so that it’s manageable. I always feel better having done the workout than when I don’t. This is something others can do to get the most out of their quarantine.” 

The Lawless family is thankful that the community is benefiting from the workout videos, especially since they’ve had to close their training studio due to COVID-19 restrictions. “I’ll be honest, it’s been hard for us financially, but there’s been a lot of good come out of these circumstances. I’ve had so much more time to spend with my children. It’s shown me how valuable quality time is,” Caroline said.