Florida Catholic Media spoke to recent graduates of Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School in the Diocese of Venice about their experiences learning during the pandemic.

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Florida Catholic Media spoke with several Bishop Moore Catholic High School graduates in the Diocese of Orlando about their experiences learning during the pandemic.

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This past year has been a memorable one for the class of 2021. The Florida Catholic spoke with graduates of two Florida Catholic high schools to gain perspective of completing a milestone through a global pandemic. Catch the video on the Florida Catholic Media Youtube channel and at www.thefloridacatholic.org/multimedia/videos. Here are some excerpts from the video interviews: 

Michael Bassett, a recent graduate of Bishop Moore Catholic High School, said of distance learning, “Over time, the problem of finding self-motivation became more and more present in my life and honestly, I think that was one of the blessing of online learning was that you had to dig deep to find that self-motivation in order to continue on with your studies.”

Appreciating a return to the classroom, Meoshe Bailey of Bishop Moore said, “I am a very social, outgoing person. I need to see other people and have a conversation. You don’t realize how much that impacts you, especially in a learning setting.”

“The online classes were certainly difficult,” Michael Lunin said of Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School in Sarasota. “But I found that you have to roll with the punches…Mooney did a great job with converting these and giving the kids options to stay online or come into school or to be in the hybrid sort of section.”

“I think one benefit of online classes was that it made me appreciate in-person in school more,” said Grace Callahan of Cardinal Mooney. “Coming back to school this year in person, I found that to be extremely valuable.” 

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