Attorney Maria DeLiberato grabs a selfie with her client Clemente Aguirre following Aguirre’s exit from Florida’s death row. DeLiberato served as one of Aguirre’s appeals  attorneys.

ORLANDO  |  The most memorable drive of Maria DeLiberato’s life took place Nov. 5, 2018.

In the backseat of her car was Marie Parmer, her longtime law partner and closest friend. Both women were exhausted after spending yet another long, grueling day inside the courtroom.

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Randal Agostini

This was a wonderful article about a beautiful person, whose work encompasses so much of the teachings of Jesus Christ. The love of God, which is denied to people who are brought up in disappointing circumstances. That same love, which shines through the dedication of another whose ambition is to restore the opportunity of life. That purpose which is the fulfillment of the diverse gifts that God gives to each one of us. That divine love which denies self to help a neighbor. And all for the Glory of God. We should be grateful and proud to have such a wonderful advocate as Maria DeLiberato to lead us in the fight to remove the Death penalty from Florida.

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