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Boston | Ever notice that common sense isn’t so common anymore? Each time we check our news feeds or turn on the TV it seems the world is getting wackier. Anything and everything under the sun is suddenly acceptable.We desperately need a return to basic common sense and Rosie Posie a “street-smart theologian” from Jersey City is just the person we need to help restore it. In “Everything’s Coming Up Rosie” Rosie’s daughter syndicated talk-show host Teresa Tomeo shares her top-ten list of unforgettable “Rosieisms” to guide readers in living sensible well-grounded Godly lives.As Tomeo notes these real-life stories are simple direct and yes sometimes very funny but oh-so applicable to regular daily life. Dr. Ray Guarendi television and radio host and author commented: “Because something is simple does not mean it's not profound. Teresa Tomeo has pulled profound wisdom from her mother’s simple homespun ‘Listen to your mother’ guidance for living. Mama Rosie would be so pleased that her daughter listened and shared her words with so many outside her family.”Rosie the quintessential Italian mother speaks her mind and has precious little “tolerance.” Her practical advice will help readers cultivate virtue in their lives. They will learn to “nevva [never] get too big for those britches” and to “awfa [offer] it up” and put things “at the foot of the Crawse [Cross].” Moreover they will see the value of their sufferings and how their sacrifices assist others.Mike Aquilina author of the “Reclaiming Catholic History” series wrote: “This book is an overdue refresher course in human nature. We were made to learn from our elders. Wisdom travels through history by way of the family. Teresa Tomeo gives us all the evidence we need to throw over the modern myths of generational warfare. These pages teach us again to listen and learn.”Tomeo also provides spiritual resources for self-reflection from the Catechism Scripture and the saints to help readers grow in grace-filled living. Readers will see the miracles of God’s love in Tomeo’s family and the maternal intercession of Our Lady in their lives. In the words of Rosie “Rememba the Blessed Mutha is watching you!”Susan Tassone author of “Jesus Speaks to Faustina and You” said: “Rosie may be with the Lord in Heaven but her voice still resounds here on earth! Five Mamma Mia Stars!”

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