PLB Seminarians 3

Father Daniel Daza-Jaller, left, diocesan director of vocations and seminarians, stands with Diocese of Palm Beach seminarians Deacon Serge Dubé and Jedidiah Preble, along with fellow seminary students Saul Guerrero and Jude Okeke.

PALM BEACH GARDENS  |  The two new seminarians who are within two or three years of being ordained priests for the Diocese of Palm Beach have two things in common: they are older than most of their classmates and they contemplated entering a Franciscan religious order.

Along with their age has come a wealth of experiences that will serve them admirably as they approach ordination and beyond. Deacon Serge Dubé, who was born in Hartford, Connecticut, and spent most of his life in New England, is 57 years old. Jedidiah Preble was born in Sau Paulo, Brazil, and is 38.

PLB Seminarian Serge Dube

Deacon Serge Dubé

PLB Seminarian Jedidiah Preble

Seminarian Jedidiah Preble

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