We are at the midpoint of the Lenten season. The fourth Sunday of Lent is celebrated as “Joyful Sunday” to remind us of this. On this Sunday, we may see the celebrant wear rose-colored vestments as a sign of this joy, since the rose color is a mixture of white and purple. This is a good time to reflect upon the virtue of humility. This may be especially the case if we have been humbled by our not keeping our Lenten resolutions or to prevent us from becoming proud if we have.

Pope Francis continually speaks of the virtue of humility. He has spoken of it as that which leads us to God by opening up to us the experience of joy. At his general audience of Dec. 22, 2021, he emphasized, “Humility is the only way that leads us to God. At the same time, specifically because it leads us to Him, humility leads us to the essentials of life, to its truest meaning, to the most trustworthy reason for why life is truly worth living. Humility opens us up to the experience of joy, of knowing what matters. Without humility, we are “cut off.” We are cut off from understanding God and from understanding ourselves. Humility is needed to understand ourselves, and all the more so to understand God.

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